In 1972, visionary horticulturist Noel Muldoon planted the seeds of what would become Nagra Greenhouses when he founded Muldoon Greenhouses. With a passion for cultivating a vibrant and sustainable environment, Noel's pioneering spirit laid the foundation for our legacy. From the outset, Muldoon Greenhouses aimed to provide high-quality plants and horticultural products, setting the stage for the evolution into Nagra Greenhouses. Today, we honor Noel's vision by continuing to deliver exceptional plants, promoting sustainability, and remaining dedicated to the principles that fueled the business's inception.


Here's what our customers say

”What a beautiful place to shop for plants & flowers. One of the things I appreciated most is that it’s not in a big box store. It’s a home grown nursery where you can see all the buildings growing their gorgeous plants. The staff was so kind. I can assure you that you will not be disappointed."

-Angela M. Porisky

”I've been going here for a few years now. Love the selection of spring and summer plants, the hanging baskets are beautiful, the prices are awesome and the staff are helpful and friendly. I have just come back from Muldoon's plant place after purchasing numerous winter poinsettias, a quirky Grinch mini tree and greeneries for my porch. Muldoon Greenhouses is definitely "The Plant Place.”


”This place is amazing. They have so many outdoor plants that you can choose on and some veggies too. I wanted to get more house plants but they weren't many. Its also cheaper compare to big box stores.”

-Eloisa Camba